Isunza Studios Inc.

Isunza Studios Inc. is a San Antonio based design practice established in 2007 by Alberto Isunza. It is a small collaborative firm focused on inventive and imaginative work, nestled in the Art District of Southtown.

Alberto Isunza

Alberto Isunza was born in Veracruz Mexico, growing up in Mexico City. Studied Architecture at the Universidad Iberoamericana in Leon Guanajuato, and received his Bach. of Architecture at the University of Texas at Austin in 1997.

Worked on several small Austin based architectural offices focused on residential work. In 1999 moved to San Francisco, working for Gensler, involved in various large commercial, educational and institutional projects. Moved to San Antonio in 2002 working for Alamo Architects, and finally opening his studio as a sole practitioner in 2007 and working towards an Architectural license.

Design Principles

Art, Architecture and Design rather than separate disciplines, I treat each as complementary to the larger realm of built enviroment. My work explores built prescence. A mood, a split second in which an imaginary reaction is drawn from the observer, who fills in the blanks for just a moment. The knowledge gained from each project, regardless if its a table or a building, fuels innovation and discovery to enrich the design process.

I work with this principle to develop my built environment. I think of design and Architecture as a background for human events, either solitude or interaction, a field which facilitates the dreams of its inhabitants or expectators.