Student Housing

San Antonio, Texas

Near UTSA main campus. 15k sf 2 level building 11 units on each 7,500sf footprint level, plus admin office on the ground floor, 28 total beds, 40 parking spaces plus 3 handicapped. The external west facing circulation it’s screened with cor-ten corrugated panels, randomly placed meaning to resemble book shelving. At night, the effect is meant to feel like the racks of the computer servers.

At one end of the circulation spine there’s an outdoor common space with a courtyard, a seating areas with area fans, a fireplace and a projection wall for movie or presentation screenings. At the other end, the circulation reaches out to an existing bus stop through a shaded bicycle parking and access court.

The shape of the structure it’s a reflection of the setbacks, right of ways, existing trees, parking requirements, orientation and the simplification of circulation. Maximizing the spaces with a tight budget.