223 Devine

Lavaca Historic District

San Antonio, Texas

3,900 s.f. new construction

Because of the larger size for the historic neighborhood, the massing was broken down into smaller elements that resemble a compound of dwellings developed over time, around a central area which has a trellised covered swimming pool flanking it on the opposite side to create a courtyard. Facing the street, the structure to the left is the garage and to the right there is a detach yoga studio with a full bath. A privacy wall with a trellis and front door connects them together.

The front door from the street access the courtyard, along the covered colonnade walkway, which frames through a couple of windows a sculpture sitting all the way back outside on the backyard. Lit up at night is the first thing you see when you open the door into the courtyard. The owner is a sculptor.

Along this walkway the courtyard is to the right and to the left the tall massing is the open living space. Centered at the end of the courtyard the tall clearstory volume is the master bedroom. Between the living area and the master suite there are two bedrooms with a shared bath and an utility room.